What We're Here For

Logix Productions offers Bootstrap based design elements, and complete websites tailored for you or your business, that speed up your development work or give you the website of your dreams. From updating specific needs to creating a specialized website from scratch, we have everything you need.

We love the web and care deeply for how users interact with a digital product. The idea behind Logix Productions was creating a standard of web design and working to make that standard as efficient as possible. We power businesses and individuals to create better looking web projects around the world.

We take great interest in how our customers use our resources and offer strong support even after the project is complete to make sure that you are completely satisfied. We are constantly thinking about how to make our products intuitive, beautiful and extremely easy to understand, so feel free to tell us your thoughts!

The Crew

This is a new strong company with plans to expand our team and clientele. We work hard everyday to better ourselves, and our products.

Chase Jackson

CEO / Founder / Lead Developer

Our Core Tools

We use use all industry standard programming languages, frameworks, and UI Kits, so your website will not be out of date anytime soon. All of our work is organized and is setup for furture developers, or even us, five years from now, to update your new or old website.

Main Programming Languages

We use HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, and Typescript.

Main Frameworks

We use the Bootstrap framework to create a responsive website quickly, and we use jQuery to enhance our JavaScript's abilities and libries/plugins.


Bootstrap is a largely used UI framework, and we use it as well. It's a fast and lightweight framework, but it is very flexible and powerful to give your website most of what it needs.

Detailed Design

We make sure to have as much detail in our design as possible, so that when others look at it they can't see them.

Our office is our second home

Here are some pictures from our office. You can see the place looks like a palace and is fully equiped with everything you need to get the job done.

Real office images coming soon...

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Raised Image
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