Our Latest Projects

These are our most recent projects we have finished or are currently working on.

Professional and Elegant Design

As the major target group of this client's business being elderly people, we wanted to make sure that the website was very straightforward and easy to understand.

Mobile Ready

We always like to implement the responsive website design using to ensure that our client's website will be easily viewed on every device. We use Bootstrap to save our time and our client's time, as well as deliver a first class website.

Custom Web Serivce

We were able to build a webservice off of UsaePay's SOAP Interface, so patient's are able to pay their bill online.

New Market

Since they have never had a website before, they are now able to showcase their wonderful products to many more people, and gain new customers.

Code Behind

This was developed in HTML5, CSS3, Sass, and JavaScript using Bootstrap and jQuery.

Built Audience

Now all of their customers before their new website can enjoy seeing their products at the convenience of their choosing.

Bailey's Floral Creations

We are creating a new website for this client to help extend her reach beyond just Facebook.


Logix - Kit

LOGIX - KIT Logix Kit is a new project, and is still in development. It's a UI Kit that will have a simple, and clean look for any developer to use and speed up their development time.
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